Aerial Inspection

Aerial Surveys and Inspections using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming more prevalent as they are an Menu Icon Surveyinnovative, yet cost-effective approach, with the added benefit that they typically allow very close access to remote or inaccessible objects.

By using an agile UAV, we can fly around structures and buildings transmitting real-time hi-definition video footage to the ground crew, ensuring that all areas of the structure are captured and any area of concern is inspected in greater detail. The flight video is recorded for post-flight review and archived.

The high-resolution imagery provides significant cost savings in areas like maintenance and insurance.


  • Access to buildings and structures can be hazardous or restricted
  • On sensitive property such as Railways, traditional access is limited to night-time where it's easy to miss issues
  • Surveying of bridges and structures typically requires abseiling which has health and safety implications
  • Can only access structures and building at limited times
  • The cost to hire scaffolding or specialist equipment is expensive

The Solution

  • Using The Bionic Eye UAV technology solution is a fixed cost
  • UAV flights can typically be undertaken when services are running due to no contact trackside
  • The use of UAVs reduces risk of injury to staff through remote operation
  • Our UAVs carry multiple payloads and can deliver video, stills, panoramic, thermal, UV & Lidar
  • Can be flown in and around dangerous or restricted areas easily
  • Delivery through our own 'Vision' software allows remote collaboration for image comparison for both location and historic review

More Angles, More Detail - makes for more informed decision making...