Bespoke UAV Design and Construction

Where the market cannot provide the appropriate vehicle to fulfil client requirements we build our own highly focued and highly specified machines.

We have bceome experts in extreme engineering solutions and have built unmanned aerial vehicles Menu Icon Manufacture(UAV's) for over 150 client challenges in both military and commerical environments.

All our vehicles are designed, built and tested in the UK using the latest carbon fibre technology, appropriately sourced flight control systems, motors and blades. For 'congested area' work we have developed dual control system machines with on-board, low alititude ballistic parachute.


Impossible requirements made beautifully. Challenge us today.

The Solution

  • Highly experienced team with over 150 successful UAV builds.
  • We have worked on solutions for multiple industries including military.
  • We design complete solutions from scratch including:
    • thurst and endurance
    • usability and mission planning
    • ground-to-air communication
    • flight  and positional accuracy
    • payload capacity and power requirements
    • system redundancy and other safety features

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