Over the past 18 months we have talked to hundreds of people about the possible uses of UAV to assist in general day to day operations. These scenarios typically are where assets are either over a long distance or are difficult and dangerous to gain access to.

From International trade shows and UK Trade and Industry events we have engaged with numerous clients to research and solve interesting projects -  from remote surveillance in the middle east, to visual inspection of offshore fish pens; long distance railway surveys, bridge inspections over sacred grounds and 14,000 km power line inspection using a multiple bespoke sensors.

A more detailed example is:

Viaduct Inspections

A particular area of expertise of The Bionic Eye is in the realm of (usually brick) viaduct inspection where we can use our cloud point data to search for Bulging, Cracking (especially arch rings), Sliding and Tilting of the structures. The geo-referenced LiDAR datasets can be accurately used to measure millimeter movement over time as well.

The moving capability of the laser scanner, although far more complex to process the data, provides two clear advantages over static LiDAR scanning:

  • Reduced or removed occlusions (shadows) in the LiDAR scan, removing the need for costly re-visits
  • Cloud point data collection of the sides, underneath and TOP without the need for line closure or overflying.

We also provide ultra-high definition stills and panoramic photography to permit a visual examination for seepage, leachate, mortar condition and vegetation. These images are delivered within our own, web based content management system allowing remote collaboration and historic comparison.

Problems Found

  • Bulging, Sliding, Tilting
  • Cracking - brickwork and arches
  • Cracked voussoirs
  • Mis-aligned string courses
  • Leachate & Seepage staining
  • Movement over time
  • Vegetation size

The combination of LiDAR and visual data capture supports all stakeholders in their decision-making for the asset...