Aerial Photography

The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for Aerial Photography is both an innovative and cost effective way of Menu Icon VisualInspectioncapturing ultra-high resolution imagery for a wide range of opportunities as diverse as building progress reports, material usage, adding funding release to high-impact marketing collateral.

Whilst using light aircraft has been the traditional approach for many years, it is typically expensive and the range of aerial perspectives available are restricted by the flight paths and the altitude they have to fly within.

By using agile UAVs, we can fly at low altitudes from 0-400 feet and hover or orbit around the site to capture the scenes in far more detail, with the focus on the development rather than the surrounding areas. 

Phasing Photography, where we use highly accurate satellite positioning to control our UAV’s, enables us to return to the same geo-spatial co-ordinates on regular occasions allowing identical views and perspectives over time. This solution gives a true representation of progress for easy identification of changes over time through our web-based interface 'Vision' - allowing surveyors, project managers, funders and all interested stakeholders to view and collaborate remotely.


  • Construction photography is notoriously expensive to obtain as it requires expensive light aircraft to fly over a development and take photographs
  • Typically the flight path leaves little scope for a choice of perspective, choosing only a simple forward or reverse view
  • The hourly charge for the aircraft means there are costs in getting the aircraft to the site in question each time
  • Commercial airspace has a 500ft limit which means only limited detail can be captured from this height, even with the best cameras
  • Typical deliverables are a disk of images with no review, change or collaboration capacity

The Solution

  • Using The Bionic Eye UAV technology solution is fixed cost, regardless of your development's location (*)
  • The UAVs flight path is less fixed and multiple perspectives can be obtained from a very low altitude
  • Our UAVs carry multiple payloads and can deliver video, stills and 3D interactive panoramic images
  • Ultra high definition images can be re-used for marketing purposes
  • Delivery through our own 'Vision' software allows image comparison for both location and point in time
(*) Distant remote locations may be subject to an additional travel cost.

Less Cost, better service. One of life's simpler choices...