360 Panoramic Photography

As an extension to traditional Aerial Photography and due to the stability and accuracy of the onboard autopilots we Menu Icon Panosare able to install specialist cameras to allow the capture of full 360 * 180 panoramic scenes. When combined from a series of different locations these can all be linked together to create a virtual tour where the audience clicks on hotspots to allow them to jump to the different viewpoints seamlessly. This gives the ability to view the project from all angles enabling more informed decision making.

For our construction clients, we also offer a service called, "Phasing Photography", where we use highly accurate satellite positioning systems on our UAVs, that allow us to return to the same geo-spatial co-ordinates on regular occasions. Creating identical views and perspectives to be viewed over time. This solution gives a true representation of progress and allows easy identification of changes. Through our web-based interface, 'Vision' enables surveyors, project managers, funders and all interested stakeholders to view and collaborate remotely.

This technology was driven by the need for a reliable way to obtain confirmation of work and enable stage funding to be released.


  • Construction Phasing Photography is notoriously expensive to obtain and requires a light aircraft to fly over a development
  • Typically the flight path leaves little scope for a choice of perspective
  • Traditional light aircraft are fitted with limited imaging options
  • 360 photography is very difficult to achieve from light aircraft
  • The hourly charge for the aircraft means there are costs in getting the aircraft to the site in question each time
  • Commercial airspace has a 500ft limit which means only limited detail can be captured
  • Typical deliverables are a disk of images with no review, change or collaboration capacity

The Solution

  • Using The Bionic Eye UAV technology solution is fixed cost, regardless of your development's location*
  • The UAVs flight path is not fixed and multiple perspectives can be obtained from a very low altitude
  • Our UAVs carry dedicated ultra high definition panoramic cameras
  • Multiple viewpoints are linked to allow easy navigation to jump between each view
  • Delivery through our own 'Vision' software allows image comparison for both location and point in time
(*) Distant remote locations may be subject to an additional travel cost.

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