Bionic Eye and particularly Bionic Group has been working with Network Rail for several years helping communicate complex phasing sequences for their major projects (Method Statements). As a result of our collaboration Network Rail have suggested to major Rail companies that we also assist them in communicating complex logistical scenarios to produce better build and maintenance estimates, eliminated over-runs and reduce disputes. Our challenge is to help major contractors embrace these new surveying methods.


Our BE.3DAM solution has been demonstrated to Network Rail using very light agile UAVs that we pilot to gain access to remote building areas negating the need for working at height and rapid review of the structural integrity of the buildings. The Network Rail engineers were also able to review the live video and direct the pilot allowing instant feedback.

Our BE.3DAM solution has also been developed to gather the required information in other, non-human friendly environments such as deep shaft surveys, tunnels and pipes. This is achieved through the use of alternative remove vehicles – in this cases a cable camera system and our 4 wheeled all terrain vehicle.

The BE.3DAM solution incorporates using remote apparatus (UAV, Cable driven systems or 4 wheel all terrain cars) to gather the required information which is always translated into the construction industry recognised, fully immersible, 3D environment for surveyors to use.


  • Reduced Health and Safety considerations - lower human intervention, daytime operating, no abseiling, no human connection on unstable structures
  • Physical Access not required - BE.3DAM enables ‘visual’ access to inhospitable locations such as shafts and tunnels as well as heights.
  • Lack of infrastructure closure – stations, tunnels, viaducts, aqueducts, bridges etc. do not need to be closed to survey, even in the day time
  • Cost and speed of surveying is massively reduced
  • Deliverable from BE.3DAM is intuitive and easy for surveyors, locally or remotely
  • Deliverable can also be re-purposed to help tenders or generate Method Statements.
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