Kier MG - Hayle Viaduct


Kier MG was preparing to submit a tender for a Rail maintenance contract. The client was aware that a viaduct, which was part of the tender, was in need of repair as it appeared to have moved with the advent of recent bad weather. Kier wanted a close inspection of the structure in order to allow them to refine the commercials within their bid.


We used our custom BE.3DAM solution to gain close-up data not only from the side elevation but also escapements and railing along the main track. In addition we were able to film close range shots of the unseen pad stones at the top of each pillar; these were the critical items to assess potential recent movement. The BE.3DAM solution produced an interactive, client friendly environment where the surveyors could interact with the created model and inspect critical areas in high resolution, close-up detail.


  • The footage allowed the client to make informed commercial decisions for their bid submission whilst tendering for a 5-year maintenance contract.
  • Our output was also re-purposed for our client’s presentation for the work.


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