Kier - Construction


Kier construction was looking to capture some iconic images of a new site they were working on but also to help communicate to their client base that they were now working in Birmingham again, and gain interest to try and secure future work within the city.


We used one of our agile high definition UAVs to fly around the site they were working on, but with the iconic Birmingham cityscape in the background to communicate their presence. Whilst we were only commissioned to take a series of stills for their marketing department, we also shot some 4K video footage which they later were granted use in their Corporate videos.


  • Very cost effective
  • Powerful dynamic low altitude  imagery unobtainable any other way
  • Little or no impact to workforce and productivity
  • Ability to use the material over a wide range of marketing activities
  • The imagery was captured rapidly and exactly when the client wanted
  • Ability to review site logistics and make informed decision on activities
  • Speed of data capture is massively reduced
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