Amey Rail - Ouse Viaduct


Amey wanted to find a way to reduce their surveying costs for a major Rail Infrastructure contract to differentiate themselves in their maintenance contract bids. Traditional methods involve out of hours “night time” surveying of bridges and viaducts when the track is inactive or closed; a time consuming, expensive process with heightened Health & Safety risk considerations


Using our feature film visual effects, custom solution heritage we built a bespoke product for the Construction and Rail sector to gather the data required. We used one of our heavy lift UAV’s (Unmanned aerial vehicle), fitted a bespoke, multi-camera, gyroscopically balanced camera rig array onboard to allow the capture of very high-resolution images. The data was stitched into our custom construction application and allowed the client to interact with the model to view any part of the structure, control their viewpoint and perspective (pitch, yaw, roll and zoom). This set of very high-resolution images allowed the client to review individual cracks and the general condition of the structure allowing them to make maintenance cost decisions, all from the ground or remotely back in the office.


  • Survey data was captured with minimal Health and Safety issues, in the daytime
  • No track closure was necessary saving (on average) circa £20,000 per hour
  • The delivered product can be viewed on a standard computer, locally or via a web portal allowing remote engineers to view the imagery and to gather multiple opinions
  • The survey cost and time FOR deliverY was significantly reduced in comparison to traditional methods 
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