GIS Survey

Our UAV technology allows GIS professionals to work more efficiently. With our high-tech mapping UAVs, we capture accurate aerial imagery with high-resolution camera systems and transform the images into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models. As a new method of raster data collection, UAV technology effectively complements existing techniques -  fitting between large-area satellite/manned aircraft imagery and smaller coverage, time-consuming, but highly accurate terrestrial approaches:

  • From a delivery time standpoint, our UAV systems allow rapid data collection of geo-referenced images that can create orthomosaic/3D models
  • In terms of resolution, visual inspections capture significantly higher than current satellite and manned aircraft imagery
  • In addition, due to the altitudes at which UAVs typically fly, cloud cover is not an issue, meaning fewer weather delays and less unusable imagery

Whatever field you work in - forestry, asset management, environmental protection, agriculture, humanitarian, remote sensing, oil and gas or another – UAVs can provide very real benefits, providing accurate data, quickly and cost-effectively.