Flood Analysis

Floods are the most common type of natural disaster, and cause thousands of casualties every year in the world. In particular, flash flood events are particularly deadly because of their short timescales. Classical sensing solutions such as fixed wireless sensor networks or satellite imagery are either too expensive or too inaccurate to detect them.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with instruments are capable of not only predicting, but also sensing flash floods in real time for a low overall cost. Saving lives and greatly improving the efficiency of the emergency response. 


  • All of your assets need to be understood. managed and maintained by you or your contractors
  • A model of your assets is an incredibly valuable tool to be able to manage them effectively
  • How can you quote (or be quoted) for maintenance work unless the detail of the asset condition is known?
  • How can you ensure you are doing the correct amount of work on the right assets at the right time?
  • Traditional manual surveying models are costly, slow to perform and create significant Health and Safety risks
  • Conventional manual surveying methods also significantly inconvenience your customers

The Solution

  • Our data capture and cloud point solutions allow for easy initial analysis and for assessing movement over time
  • Information is gathered in a fraction of the time to pinpoint accuracy
  • Costs are reduced by only undertaking necessary work
  • Maintenance bids are more accurate, work is simplified and over run risks are reduced as greater transparency is introduced into the system
  • Health and Safety risks are demonstrably reduced
  • BIM compliance is readily achieved